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If you're looking to take your massage experience to the next level, you might want to consider trying a cupping style massage. Cupping is a technique used in massage therapy that involves placing specially designed cups on the skin to create suction.


The suction helps to release tension in the muscles and improve blood flow, providing a unique and highly effective form of therapeutic massage. There are many benefits to cupping, including increased circulation, reduced inflammation, improved range of motion, and decreased pain and stiffness. Other benefits include the release of toxins, improved digestion, and a boost to the immune system. So if you're ready to experience the rejuvenating effects of cupping, book a session with one of our skilled massage therapists today.

Full Specialty Session

60 Minutes     $95

90 Minutes     $125

120 Minutes   $155 


Christine Porter, LMT

Divine Massage & Wellness
To schedule massage services
Please contact Christine directly.


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