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Salts Massage

Massage Add-On Options

Hot Stone Massage

Add-on to any Massage Session to enhance
your experience

Aromatherapy   $3

Scalp Treatment   $5

Hand or Foot Scrub   $8

Cold Stone (Face)   $8

Mini Hot Stone   $10

Mini Cupping   $10

CBD High-Quality Oil   $20

Mini Himalayan Stone   $20

Enhance Your Experience

Looking to personalize your massage experience? We offer a wide variety of add-on services that can greatly enhance your overall experience and provide even greater benefits to your mind and body. Whether it's hot stone therapy, aromatherapy, or an exfoliating scrub, our add-on services are designed to complement and amplify the effects of your massage. By incorporating these treatments into your session, you'll feel more relaxed, rejuvenated, and restored than ever before. So why not take your massage to the next level? Try one of our add-on services and experience the ultimate in relaxation and wellness.

Christine Porter, LMT

Divine Massage & Wellness
To schedule massage services
Please contact Christine directly.


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