Education & qualifications

Education is extremely important in the field of Esthetics. Once an Esthetician has completed all the courses required, passed all the testing and has received their certification, they must then take their state board tests to become licensed. This is the part that may come as a surprise to you, once becoming licensed, no addition training or classes are required to renew that license. At The Skincare Extraordinaire, Tammi Harriss-Halim is passionate about education. Every month since first becoming licensed over 10 years ago she takes 8 to 16 hours of continued education classes as well as additional certification courses every month. This is a field that quickly changes. When you place your trust in someone regarding your skin, you need to be comfortable knowing that they are well educated and worthy of your trust.

Aesthetic services are conducted under the following current Certification & License:

     Steiner Institute of Esthetics

Arizona State Board of Cosmetology

     LE, Licensed Esthetician


     NALA Laser Institute

Arizona Dept. of Health Services

     CLT, Certified Laser Technician

Skin Script RX 

     Certified Product Knowledge

     Chemical Peels


     Certified Product Knowledge

     Chemical Peels


      DMK Skin Revision Therapist



     Certified Product Knowledge

     Certified Collagen Induction Therapy



     Certified Product Knowledge


Bella Schneider Beauty, Bella Schneider

     Advanced Medium Depth Peels

     Advanced Deep Peels

*The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology does not govern nor oversee Permanent Makeup or Para Medical services that penetrate the dermis.

Permanent Makeup, Para Medical Dermal Art, Skin Needling and Skin Classic services are conducted under the following certifications:


RN Faces, Stephanie Holvick

      Certified Skin Classic Technician

      Certified Skin Classic Southwestern Regional Instructor

DermaConcepts Tria Wave, Lisa Christianson

Micro-Current, Iontophoresis, Sonophoresis

      Certified Tria Wave Technician


The Institute of Dermal Arts, Pamela Abshear

    Certified Permanent Dermal Artist

    Certified Skin Needling

    Certified Collagen Rejuvenation Specialist & Instructor

    Certified Stretch-mark Reduction Specialist  & Instructor

    Certified Melanin Rejuvenation Specialist & Instructor

    Certified Lash Extension Technician

    Certified Epidermal Planing/Leveling Technician & Instructor


MM brows, Tamara Ferrigno

       Certified Eyebrow Microblading

       Tattoo/Permanent Makeup Removal

Oquirrh Mountain Phlebotomy 

        Certified Phlebotomist

Beauty Kulture Institute

        Certified Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Technician


Tama Research Microcurrent

         Certified Tama Microcurrent Technician