We have a new salon with 5 amazing stylists.

All stylists are independent and are by appointment. To book your appointment with one of them, please contact them directly.

Deb Goyette


Deb, a 32 year hair veteran and former salon owner herself, loves doing both classic & trendy styles. She loves making people feel happy and quite pleased with their new look. 

Stephanie Paolinelli


Stephanie, originally from California, has been a stylist for over 12 years and loves to make women feel great about themselves. She gets the best feeling from improving a client's mood and although styling is her forte, Stephanie would say that building relationships and allowing her clients to show their youthful side is what she does best.

Danna Moravecek


Danna, an Arizona native, has spent the last 14 years as a hairstylist in the West Valley and has a talent for consultations. She can tease your desires out of you (no pun intended) and enhance your hairs natural beauty, giving you the confidence to be yourself. Oh, and if you need a Brazilian Blow Out, she is your girl!

Lindsay Hauger


Lindsay has been a stylist for over 13 years and although razor cuts are her favorite, she says that her clients are like family and bring out the best in her. Making them happy with their look is what drives her.

Jocelyn Ledesma


Jocelyn rounds out the team of stylists, her clients are like family and she especially loves helping her more mature clients. Making them look great when they can no longer do it for themselves is something she loves.