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Flower in Sunlight
Rachel Penning AGNP-C,
To schedule a consultation or appointment
with our Nurse Practitioner,
Please contact her directly. Call or text  
605-321-1068 or 480-432-3832
Flower in Sunlight

Rachel Penning is a board certified Adult Gerontological Primary Nurse Practitioner at American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). She received her nursing degree at the University of South Dakota and completed her Masters of Science degree in Nursing at Walden University. Rachel brings over 17 years of nursing experience in a variety of specialties: primary care, oncology, home health, telemedicine, and medical aesthetics. Rachel takes pride in her nurse background and works collaboratively with patients in developing healthy lifestyle choices. She uses a patient centered approach for disease prevention, diagnosis and management. Rachel will work with each patient to help them achieve their goals and to look and feel their best.

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Rachel Penning, NP

Medical Director

Flower in Sunlight
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